Benefit for the Poetry Society of New Hampshire’s Walter Butt’s Laureate Fund

The roots of Igneus Press are struck through the Granite State of New Hampshire, having operated out of Bedford, New Hampshire for over two decades since its first publication, The Required Dance, by W. E. Butts in 1990. Igneus Press publisher, Peter Kidd and W.E. Butts were very close. We are honored to present information about the Benefit for the Poetry Society of New Hampshire’s Walter Butt’s Laureate Fund. S. Stephanie will be reading a poem by W.E. Butt’s, in honor of the man and his contribution to American poetry. Collectors editions of The Required Dance and A Season of Crows by W.E. Butts can be found on

Laureates Three Quatre poster

We hope that this benefit raises awareness of both W.E. Butt’s role in New Hampshire, New England and American poetry. We also hope readers continue to support small independent presses working quietly and selflessly between the seams and cracks of American belles-lettres, bringing the work of poets such as W.E. Butt’s into the palm of our hands.

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4 Responses to Benefit for the Poetry Society of New Hampshire’s Walter Butt’s Laureate Fund

  1. S Stephanie says:

    What a wonderful evening of poetry and music it was. Walter would have been humbled and grateful. Chard DeNiord could not make it, but Mike Nelson, the new Poet Laureate of Portsmouth stepped in with his nice work. Truly an evening of good food, good music, good poetry.

  2. P. Nutt Botticelli says:

    “Walter Butt’s Laureate Fund”? And then, not once, but three times: “W.E. Butt’s”? Um, d’ya happen to have any writers at this site?

  3. Sophia Kidd says:

    hi there P. Nutt Botticelli, W.E.Butt’s is the author’s pen name. The Laureate fund was created by those who loved Walter, and chose the name Walter Butt’s Laureate Fund, as listed on the poster. thanks for your interest.

  4. S Stephanie says:

    Ah, yes P. Nutt Botticelli…. Walter Butts was a beloved Poet Laureate of NH. The event for the funding of the State Poet Laureate position was advertised by the Poetry Society of N.H.. As he was known to the community as Walter, they went with that. He published his books under W.E. Butts though, because the uncle he was named after was also a published author. No pretensions under any stones here. Thanx for asking if we are writers. Yes, most of us are.

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