A Tale of Psyche, by Vincent Ferrini, 1991


A Tale of Psyche

By: Vincent Ferrini

Igneus Press





The clock the cloud the gull of the past

o the church is sinking in the ground

it is 5 minutes of 7

& the gray light of the sky

is the nostalgic condition of forgotten people

who have taken door numbers & diaries

& I meet you behind the moon

it is 5 minutes of 7

inside death

I fly after you

& have only the light of your skin in my


as the houses drown in whirpools

& shadows steal children

o the wind of your mouth is in me

like the perfume I cannot get to

the memory of your hair

the memory


it is 5 minutes of 7

the grey sky

is your eyes

as I am in the clock the cloud & the church


from A Tale of Psyche, Vincent Ferrini, Igneus Press, Bedford, NH, 1991, p. 3.