Magdeline Silences, by Vincent Ferrini, 1992


100_7614 100_7616Magdelene Silences

Vincent Ferrini

Igneus Press





The People are an individual, multifaced. Wherein the quest for a united self is up against the constant conflicting internal weathers.

If the Trinity of moral, political, and spiritual force in a community is missing, weeds proliferate.

Immortal Figures in the History of Humanity broke boundaries, and secured fresh perceptions. They distressed routine consensus.

Emptiness is the generator of new manifestations emerging as varied as each one is. The feminine principle is the Angel of Delight.

When persons carry their actions to fruition, they experience a metamorphosis.

There is an absence of a relationship at the roots of our alienation, an ache for vital communication.

When Imaginative Consciousness operates, each person becomes a cistern of energy, a little resource, a light-bearer, a Meeting Place for wanderers, searchers, disjuncted ones, in a world gone amok, yet the Centre holds for the Whole Equation.

Above all, ask the Dead. They are as close as the skin.

Arisen from unseen labyrinths for the eyes, erecting Tablets interchangeably & inseparably alone & together.

And if a little church of the self is at home in City Hall, One has a place in history.

Neighborhoods that are formed elect leaders who displace themselves as such by being equal to citizens who have outgrown authority.

MAGDELENE SILENCES is the process of rediscovering. Reengaging the Egyptians, the Jews, Yahweh, the 2 Testaments of the Bible, and other Scriptures, having a personal, internal dialogue with the Driven Ones.

In order to do this one must destroy obstacles to personal participation.

In doing so one becomes a Christ & a Magdalene, and each of the personae encountered in the testing of the privacies of the Soul.

In the midst of these experiences I see opal towns.

Opal and onyx are precious stones that have tracings

of music in which there are dark interior patterns

to go by. The town’s real name for learning the secret

truths of Nature.  Stoned light, an awareness of the

divination of the Unconscious, the simultaneities of

relatedness, and the alchemy of images for the

transformation of self and society.


Preface to Magdalene Silences, Vincent Ferrini, Igneus Press, Bedford, NH, 1992, p. ii-iii.