Never Enough Light, by Sanford Dorbin, 1995


IMG_0550 IMG_0549Never Enough Light

By: Sanford Dorbin

Igneus Press





Floating Nude in a Pond on Mount Vision


Butterflying into the cold I see

a skin of dirt on the bronze surface,

like melted butter on toast. Like fireflies

the warm spots move faster than I can

and in random direction.


Drowsy on my back I see exquisite light

filtered thru the green bowl of pines above

and smell pine pitch on the air coated like a tongue.

Floating here, mind’s lighter than air and as far away.

Then I swim into the cold present.,

Forgetting where on shore my watch.


Point Reyes National Seashore

June 12th, 1983


from Never Enough Light, New and Selected Poems 1966-1994, Sanford Dorbin, Igneus Press, Bedford, NH, 1995, p. 193.