What the News Seemed to Say, poems by S. Stephanie, 2015

IMG_0566What the news...



What the News Seemed to Say


So easy for us to lose things,

and so many things for us to lose:


the wallet gone from the back pocket,

the car from the curb, a woman


and her child–yanked from the corner

like laundry from the line.


According to the newscaster, even our

tempers can be lost in plumes of “road rage”,


kick-the-dog rage, kill-the-boss rage;

dark clouds of pent-up anger, gathering


along the streets and arteries of America.

Fat clouds that can travel fast and settle


as far away as the Middle East. Now there’s

a place where it rains heavily. Souls


rising like cheap umbrellas caught by wind,

dark balloons rising higher and higher,


leaving us little hope that someone

on the other side will find them.


And rain forests and dolphins seem to disappear

as easily as sunglasses and gakishes. Lost


dogs who can’t smell their way back.

Homes to flood, Pictures to fire.


Wedding rings lost in all kinds of weather.

Memories locked behind broken neurons,


lives behind broken laws.

But some group in Nevada believes


they can save what’s left with Anthrax,

Who knows what


they think they are saving. I don’t

understand them. Today,


I spent the morning helping a woman

with Alzheimer’s remember her husband’s


name. She said it wrong, yet fiercely

And she said it too loudly. The sound


of rocks hitting the bottom of a wheel-barrow.

As if the road she had been traveling before the war


suddenly ended. And now, the country

between them was impassable.


from What the News Seemed to Say, poems by S. Stephanie, Igneus Press, Canyon, TX, 2015, pp.12-13.